I As You Go

Cloud based e-commerce website with integrarted CRM management system

Cloud based digital accounting platform - I As You Go  is from the founder of ADPL LLP, one of Londons top Accounting Firms.  A system built to streamline and automate the old workflows of admins - we were commissioned to design and develop an  E-commerce website which is fully integrated with Zoho CRM. 

This integration enabled for a robust system that automated many workflows for the admin team.  From purchased packages to automated account setups, form signatues, invoice billing, and client communications.  A front end portal was built for customers to login and take action on their puchased subscriptions/packages.  All customer and admin based interactions are recorded on customer profiles within the CRM.  Twilio Whatsapp was setup to enable omnichannel communciations with clients. 

Creative Agency   /   London Based